Balkanist Live(ish)blog: Macedonia Protests

Hello to our dear friends and readers from around the world. Today we’re liveblogging what is expected to be the biggest of the ongoing anti-government protests in Macedonia yet. We’ll try to update this very live(ish) blog as frequently as possible. We’ve also got a few great people on the ground in Skopje who will also be sending us information throughout the day, so do check back! 

As usual, we invite you to send us your tips, photos, thoughts, anecdotes, or video clips to editor@balkanist. Alternatively, you can tweet any photos or info you might want to share with a wider audience to @balkanist. 

Stay safe!


1515: From Jack Davies:

1510: Excerpts from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on protests in Macedonia. Predictable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.07.58 PM

1455: RT also has a livestream of the protests:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.53.24 PM

1445: Livestream of the protests in Skopje. Apparently no Macedonian stations are broadcasting it, but this Albanian station is:


1435: All of our recent Macedonia coverage:

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1425: The crowd.


1400: Protests across the region and Europe in support of Macedonia:

Ljubljana protest at Kongresni Trg via @pongiSLO (Twitter)
Ljubljana protest at Kongresni Trg via @pongiSLO (Twitter) (Amsterdam) (London)протест-пред-македонското-посолство/ (Sofia) (Sarajevo)

We also have word that there are similar solidarity protests in Paris and Brussels, but don’t have any details. Let us know if you do. Most importantly, tweet or email us photos ( if you attend such an event! 







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