Mostar: Beyond the Stereotypes of a Divided City

The city of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina has long been reduced to a mere symbol of Balkan ethnic division by journalists and scholars. Aline Cateux looks beyond the “ethnic divisions” and Mostar’s iconic…


They Say, They Say, That the Russians Are Leaving

A firsthand account of Montenegro’s first summer in NATO.   Not since Fredo Corleone’s fishing trip has the world seen a severing of fraternal ties as brutal as when, earlier this year,…


Croatia’s Far-Right Rewrites Tito Out of History

The Zagreb City Assembly has just voted to rename Marshal Tito Square. In Croatia, anti-communist politics of memory are being used for the mobilization of the far right.   It’s official now:…


Happy Liberation Day to Belgrade!

On October 20, 1944, Yugoslav Partisans and the Red Army liberated the city from the Nazi occupation.

The Spoils of Tourism: Kotor's UNESCO World Heritage Status

Who does "tourism for development" benefit? Is #Montenegro at risk of overtourism? I wrote about it @Balkanist

Macedonia's local election: the Social Democratic SDSM coalition has won in a majority of municipalities. Significant shift from years past.

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