Two Years of Balkanist

Today is our second birthday! Exactly two years ago, Balkanist Magazine launched from the Belgrade apartment of co-founders Lily Lynch and Srećko Šekeljić. With a simple WordPress theme, zero advertising, and six articles, all authored by Lily, the website went internationally viral more or less instantly, much to our shock, delight and horror. Balkanist has since evolved to include a talented team of editors, each of whom has massively enriched the project in myriad ways, and we still feel we’re just getting started. We thank our readers for remaining with us through what has been an occasionally very turbulent journey.

Here’s a look back at our original six articles.


The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia’s Peace and Porn Hotel


Meet the Macedonoids, the First White People on Earth

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.21.07 PM

The Church of Scientology Wanted a Balkan Holy Land


The Dark Side of Croatia’s Tourism Boom


A Russian Neo-Nazi and Suspected Spree Killer in Serbia


How to Write About the Balkans


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Balkanist is an experimental, occasionally bilingual platform featuring politics, analysis, culture, and criticism for a smart international audience underwhelmed by what is currently on offer. Our aim is to provide bold, uncompromising coverage of the Balkan region and everything to its East.