The Dark Side of Croatia’s Tourism Boom

Hotel Ucka

Located a bit further up Krk’s island coast from Haludovo Palace, Hotel Ucka is a beautiful little hotel. Built in 1933 in the town of Omisalj, the pretty, faded, building has its own beach and boat launch.

At the same time, its window shutters have fallen off and its roof is caving in. Hotel Ucka has been preserved as a historical building by the Rijeka Conservation Department, making certain kinds of construction that an investor might desire, such as the construction of a road accessible by car, or a parking lot very difficult.

According to a sustainable tourism report for Omisalj written by a team from the University of Georgia, “Ideally…an investor would purchase the Hotel Ucka and restore it to its former grandeur. The most likely investor in such a property is one of the large, international hotel and resort chains. In order for these firms to consider such an investment, the tourist market potential must exist.”

Unfortunately, it looks like Hotel Ucka will suffer one of two unfortunate fates: Either it will continue to fall apart until it’s just a pile of bricks, or it will be purchased by “a large, international hotel and resort chain”.

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Lily Lynch

Lily is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Balkanist Magazine. She lives in Belgrade, Serbia.