Adem Ferizaj

Adem was born in Kosovo, raised in Germany, and is studying international relations at Sciences Po. He has written for the newspaper Franz Kafka wrote for in his time. He also writes for Kosovo 2.0.

An Interview with Buta, the King of Albanian Trap

Buta is the freshest new face in Albanian rap. He’s the reigning revolutionary of trap music, currently the most fashionable subgenre of rap in the Albanosphere, both in flow and content. People who like rap but don’t understand Albanian can easily appreciate his smooth flow. And those who understand the…


Op-ed: Kosovo, Tear Gas, Mass Exodus and UNESCO

That Kosovo did not join UNESCO this month is a disappointment. But so is the current government’s failure to adequately address the myriad political crises in the country today. Adem Ferizaj explains. The events of November 9th did not unfold as Kosovo, and especially the government of Prime Minister Isa…


Kosovo’s Haveit Group: Artistic Engagement for a More Equal Society

The Haveit group recently protested against International Women’s Day in Kosovo. Their art vehemently rebels against power and water shortages, nationalism, LGBT discrimination and the oppression of women prevalent in Albanian society. Pour flour on the Kanun, the Albanian book of patriarchal laws, and spread it with a rolling pin.…


A Clean Sheet Career: Sweden’s 27-year-old Bosnian-born Politician

The youngest minister in Swedish history, Aida Hadzialic, has spoken eloquently on hard work, hope, and being inspired by watching her Bosnian parents start again from scratch. A pale blue surrounds the cautiously grinning woman. Wearing a beige top, a young dark haired woman is crossing her arms. This is…