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Serbia’s New Lesbian Prime Minister: A Symbolic Step Forward?

In Serbia, is the recent appointment of Ana Brnabic to the office of prime minister indicative of a new commitment to LGBT rights — or a smokescreen?   On the evening of Thursday, June 15, news broke that Serbia would have an openly lesbian prime minister. Immediate reactions from the global LGBT community…


China is Using the Balkans as a Testing Ground to Expand its Nuclear Industry

China is using the Balkans as a testing ground to expand its nuclear industry. Its pursuits in Romania highlight its rush to become a global player. With the current U.S. administration proving unwilling to assume leadership on climate change, the burden of responsibility on climate progress in the next four years will mostly fall upon…


WTF is Going on in Turkey?

The view from Izmir on last night’s failed coup attempt in Turkey: echoes of 1980, authoritarianism and democracy, and a possible way forward.  For citizens of Turkey, the night of 15 July conjured memories of the political atmosphere of the previous century. An unknown group of soldiers, a junta, attempted…