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Serbia’s Post-Election Protests: Day 3

Demonstrations against the ‘dictatorship’ of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic entered their third day today, as thousands of people braved rainy weather in the cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad to protest the powerful premier’s contested victory in Sunday’s presidential election. Smaller gatherings of several hundred people or so were reported…


Opposition Parties’ Requests Filed at Serbia’s Republic Electoral Commission

Balkanist continues to provide English translations of documents pertaining to the alleged electoral fraud that took place in Serbia during the April 24th elections. Read up here for more on dead voters and other alleged malfeasance. Two official requests were filed at the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) at noon this past Tuesday, with…


Fab(RIK)ation of the People’s Will by Aleksandar Vučić

Questionable electoral processes cast doubt on the legitimacy of the recent parliamentary elections in Serbia, says Ivan Ninić, member of the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) as a representative of the Dosta je Bilo – Saša Radulović movement.  In August 2015, Ninić was ambushed and severely beaten by two masked assailants in front of…