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Op-Ed: Half Truths & Gangster Politics

Unless we acknowledge the gravity of events in Macedonia, the final victim of violence across the Balkans will be democracy itself, argues Rudina Hajdari.   After more than 1 year without a government — and several months of serious political instability — Macedonia has been shaken by the most significant…

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Serbia Erupts in Protests “Against the Dictatorship” of Aleksandar Vucic

Serbs are demonstrating ‘against the dictatorship’ of prime minister and soon-to-be president Aleksandar Vucic in the latest wave of anti-authoritarian protests to hit the Balkans.   Protesters filled the streets of Serbia’s two main urban centers of Belgrade and Novi Sad last night to demonstrate ‘against dictatorship’, following the victory of Prime…


Op-Ed: Protests, Post-Communism and Compromise in Albania

Edi Rama’s European Albania is a public relations fantasy. It is a nation-state which exists only in the mind of two dozen politicians and publicists—whose only concern is paying lip-service to the European Union’s accession requirements. The opposition Democratic Party are protesting in Tirana because we want Albania to be…


“My Husband was Arrested After the Coup Attempt in Turkey”

One woman tells the story of her husband’s arrest and ongoing detainment following the coup attempt in Turkey.  This is the story of one of the many arrests made in Turkey following the coup attempt of July 15th. It’s also the story of how the aftermath of the coup attempt has irreparably…


Turbo-Trump: Patriotic Pop Dedicated to Donald

What’s the deal with these weird second-world countries where the post-industrial peasantry periodically elects an unhinged, regrettably-coiffured populist oligarch who targets journalists, jails the opposition, and spends the national budget on beluga caviar, vanity projects and J-Lo concerts? Reader, I ask thee. Before Hillary becomes the next Tymoshenko, The Art…


WTF is Going on in Turkey?

The view from Izmir on last night’s failed coup attempt in Turkey: echoes of 1980, authoritarianism and democracy, and a possible way forward.  For citizens of Turkey, the night of 15 July conjured memories of the political atmosphere of the previous century. An unknown group of soldiers, a junta, attempted…