Older Men Dating Younger Women: What Real Data Reveals

I am single, how about you and I go out on a date. I do not understand why women refuse to go out with me. I used go to Office https://www.datingmentor.net Christmas functions. I am single with all my couple friends. I will fantasize about being in a relationship till I die.

You can try your might to do the right things in life, with integrity and commitment, and still wind up out on your arse. Believe me, I was devastated after giving so many years of my life to someone I deeply loved, and the scars still cut me today. But I know I have to keep moving forward. A lady like you who does not look a man’s money unfortunately is very very rare. I am sorry for how you’ve been treated. I too was cheated on, by more than one man.

The men I want to pursue are handsome, fit, and financially secure. I am financially independent and I have been taken advantage of by a man my age so I don’t want that to happen again. I know the handsome, fit, and financially sound men are looking for younger women so I have to compete with them for these types of men. The only way to do this is to be also be fit, well put together, get a little botox even, be confident, educated, happy, and fun!

Things To Discuss Before Choosing The Right Partner For Marriage

I see a lot of reference to sexuality, and speaking as a 50-year old man, that becomes FAR less important. In fact, while I don’t have full-on erectile dysfunction, I’ve grown to be thankful that my penis doesn’t make any of my decisions anymore. My marriage of 27 years ended after I just flat stopped having sex with her after an entire marriage of being manipulated by my phallus.

Can an Older Woman-Younger Man Relationship Work?

It might mean less pain for me in the long run, even though I enjoyed marriage when I had it, hard work and all. So then when she bails (75% of all post age-50 divorces are initiated by the woman), she’ll still have her married girlfriends for support, but us guys are often left high and dry. This is why I have worked very hard over the past decade to make, keep, and solidify male friendships, both fairly new and from decades ago. Pick up the phone and make that call, schedule lunch just to catch up, etc.

Men like sex, and women do too when the man wants a life with them and them alone and waits for them to feel good before he lets himself feel good. I am almost 54 now, with no interest in dating where I live. I moved south over three years ago, and sadly I am not impressed with the quality of men I see in my area. Left to online communication on various non dating sites, because I ditched dating sites years ago, most men I have met continue to disappoint or disappear.

The key is learning to come into your true feminine power … One that compliments a man’s masculine power. When you do, he’ll jump through hoops to make you happy. Growing up, we weren’t taught who men really are and what makes them tick.

Baggage is a problem when you get older. I’d like to get into a new relationship but recent health issues have slowed that. But when I do I’m worried that I’ll be tempted to go too fast because its lonely having no one in your life. And if she tries to then I’ll probably worry she might change like my ex wife did. With my ex she sometimes got so irrationally angry that I was afraid she might kill me in my sleep. I don’t want to be in that situation again but I also don’t want to be alone.

It seems that most men my age don’t want a commitment of any kind but just want to play around, especially with younger women. The problem is that we’ve all been burned, and most of us don’t handle it well. Women and men both have become very self-centered. It is hard to be vulnerable anymore for fear of being taken advantaged of.


Signed up on eharmony….and feel totally pathetic about it. I swore in my 30s…i will never be one of those sad 50somethings looking for a guy…..but here i am AGAIN. My sisters husband of 23yrs dumped her for someone 3 yrs older than their daughter….parting shot of “you are old and dried up” still stings her.

You are right Confused – he took off with a younger version just after he made it to 40 – but hey, we’re all human. Where the heck are all you good guys who are still single in the 50’s range? AM……I don’t have expectations of perfection at all, but I still have had crappy luck with men. I don’t put anyone down, I am attractive, and I don’t have a weight problem. The good and decent among us are truly paying the price. You sound like a good guy and I truly hope one of the few decent women left in the world will find you.

I do worry about when he ages though. I have that same issue and imagine he just wants a nurse in his later years.. He has money but really old fashioned .

Both of these women were total control freaks with almost zero interest in a love life. I’m talking so bad that anytime they actually wanted to be intimate, all I could think about was how many weeks before it happens again? One is a supervisor at a women’s shelter. When I asked them why they were so afraid of me leaving them their answer was “because I love you”. If you love me why are you abusing me?

If this woman in her 50s is divorced, she knows that Prince Charming isn’t necessarily going to knock on her door and save her from life’s biggest responsibilities. She believes in forming true connections with people, but isn’t necessarily in a rush to replace her husband. In fact, it’s possible she’s not even into the idea of marriage anymore.

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