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Mass vaccination during the smallpox outbreak in Yugoslavia, 1972. The government managed to vaccinate the entire population of 18 million people and the outbreak lasted less than three months. Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

Back to the Blocs: 21st Century Nonalignment and the New Cold War (@lilyslynch - @Balkanist)… Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

Bus stop, Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Photograph by Christopher Herwig, included in his book Soviet Bus Stops (⁦@FuelPublishing⁩ 2015) Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

I contributed some thoughts about the Non-aligned Movement to an article by @lilyslynch for the @Balkanist Magazine, in which she provides a refreshing perspective on this important political initiative.… Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

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