The Migration Crisis Today: A Conversation

The Migration Crisis doesn’t make the front page quiet like it used to, but the issue continues to effect the region, and Europe at large. Just last week the European Parliament criticized its member states for having relocated just 11% of their total obligations. To take a look at the state of the migration crisis in the Balkans, and beyond, we’ve invited a panel of experts to discuss. We’ll look at what’s working, what’s not, and where do we go from here.

Joining us today are Bodo Weber, of the Democratization Policy Council, Todor Gardos, researcher at Amnesty International, Judith Sunderland, an associate director at Human Rights Watch, and Maria Giovanna Manieri, policy advisor at the EP.

The conversation is not a live-chat that takes place during a set period of time, but a real life conversation that will develop organically over the course of the day. To follow along as the conversation unfolds, drop your email in below.


Cover photo: The cleared informal camp in the barracks behind Belgrade’s bus station. Credit: Milos Markicevic/Balkanist

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