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Bucharest Deconstructed : A Series of Diptychs

 Bucharest Deconstructed: A series of Diptychs, by Marylise Vigneau/Anzenberger Bucharest seems to lie on some fault lines, in a fluidity both spatial and temporal, suspended between an unprocessed past and an uncertain future on the edge lands of Europe. Twenty-six years after the violent fall of Ceaușescu, deconstruction is manifest, the outcome…


Letter from Shkodër: The Future of Football in Kosovo

After receiving a thrashing from Croatia in a historic World Cup qualifier in Shkodër, Robert O’Connor takes a look at the past and uncertain future of football in Kosovo.  Midnight in Shkodër. It’s peaceful, almost deserted. The Catherine Wheels that had shed their sparks all along the main street earlier in…


Turkey’s Election Portends Period of Uncertainty, Instability

On Sunday, Turkey’s political landscape was transformed. The leftist pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) managed to seize a sizable number of votes from the ruling AK party by presenting itself as a countrywide option representative of minorities and the peace process. The dramatic shake up in Turkish politics is likely to…