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A Conversation With Carl Bildt

A while back, I interviewed the most enigmatic diplomat in the world: Carl Bildt. Mr. Bildt has served as Sweden’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and held a number of posts in the Balkans, including as the EU’s Special Envoy to the former Yugoslavia, Co-Chairman of the Dayton Peace Conference…


Turkey’s National Days: On Banning, Remembering and Forgetting

Which holidays and events are remembered, banned or forgotten in Turkey today, amid post-coup attempt arrests, minority repression, and the ongoing security threat posed by ISIS? Has Avrat offers an overview of recent events. I was watching my various Twitter feeds tick by last Friday. Fridays in Turkey are not days…


Op-ed: The Gentlemen in the Boxing Ring

A very smart person once told me that politics should be a gentleman’s sport, played in gloves. Yes, everyone throws punches here and there in the form of political deals and bargains, but the gloves never come off. No punches below the belt. No backstabbing. I’d try to convince you…


Petrit Selimi: When Twitter Diplomacy Fails

We’d all like to see more politicians engage with the public on social media. But sometimes Twitter diplomacy becomes rather undiplomatic. In the Balkans, politicians sometimes use social media to intimidate journalists or their opponents. Worse, they use it to defame anyone who disagrees with them politically as an enemy…

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Tweeting the Kosovo Elections

When violence broke out at polling stations in northern Kosovo on Sunday, politicians in Prishtina were quick to indict the Serbian government via Twitter. Belgrade, they claimed, was responsible for orchestrating the attacks on Kosovo’s “almost perfect” elections. It was a pretty confident assertion to make in the midst of…