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Carlos ZGZ

Hungarian Businessman Held in Detention on Allegations of Spying for the United States

Was a Hungarian businessman with access to Prime Minister Orban’s Swiss Bank Account and Hungarian military secrets passing that information on to the Pentagon? Or was his arrest on espionage charges a politically-motivated response to U.S. pressure on Hungary to combat corruption and reverse its slide into authoritarianism?   In late November 2015, the…


Requiem for a Cathedral

It was ugly, an ugly pile of dirty brownstone pierced by a round beautiful stained glass window surrounded by dozens of stores selling second hand sewing machines from the sidewalk. I first saw that homely church, later to be the Cathedral of St Sava, on my first day in America.…


A Tale of Two Countries: Motherhood in Albania and the US

How well do the public structures and social norms within Albania and the US manage to incentivize and support motherhood beyond rhetoric? Sidita Kushi compares the two countries, and finds the US often comes up surprisingly short. International Women’s Day was recently upon us. In official words, the day is…

No but seriously war is all hell.

The World Cup Report from a Gin Joint Near the Copacabana

Arséne Wenger had lost enough. He’d gone more than a decade without winning anything, not a single league title, not a single trophy, not for nearly a decade had Arsenal won a single thing worth winning except a string of fourth place finishes in the Premier League, which earned them…