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Op-Ed: “Doing Business” After Gruevski

“Big mountains are shivering, and a mouse is born at the end” – Balkan proverb The new government of Macedonia led by freshly appointed Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of the Social Democratic party, SDSM, will be expected to “undo” the damage caused by former premier Nikola Gruevski’s conservative nationalist party…


Op-ed: The Gentlemen in the Boxing Ring

A very smart person once told me that politics should be a gentleman’s sport, played in gloves. Yes, everyone throws punches here and there in the form of political deals and bargains, but the gloves never come off. No punches below the belt. No backstabbing. I’d try to convince you…

Iva Čukić and Dobrica Veselinović (center) from the initiative Don't Drown Belgrade, speak at a press conference earlier this month (Photo credit: Ne davimo Beograd Facebook page)

Activists Distributing Publication Critical of “Belgrade Waterfront” Project Detained by Police

Activists from the initiative “Ne da(vi)mo Beograd“, who oppose the controversial architectural mega-project Belgrade on the Water (or Belgrade Waterfront), planned by the Serbian government and the United Arab Emirates, were detained by police on Thursday, March 19th, for handing out newspapers printed with information critical of the colossal plan…