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Bucharest Deconstructed : A Series of Diptychs

 Bucharest Deconstructed: A series of Diptychs, by Marylise Vigneau/Anzenberger Bucharest seems to lie on some fault lines, in a fluidity both spatial and temporal, suspended between an unprocessed past and an uncertain future on the edge lands of Europe. Twenty-six years after the violent fall of Ceaușescu, deconstruction is manifest, the outcome…


Op-ed: Beograd na Vodi, the White City’s Latest Rupture

Why has the Dubai-inspired Beograd na vodi mega-project been met with relatively little resistance across Serbia? Ian Bancroft argues that Belgrade’s physical landscape is no stranger to radical ruptures and redevelopment. In addition, he argues that embodied in Beograd na vodi is the promise of Belgrade’s return to the world stage. It…