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To be Gay is to be a Person: Why Real Orthodoxy Liberates – a Romanian Case Study

Like many other Eastern European countries, Romania draws on its Orthodoxy to communicate its ideas about gender and sexuality, and these are typically conservative in nature. Yet Eastern Orthodoxy has also invited alternative philosophical approaches to being a human person – approaches which liberate rather than become entangled with nationalist…


Russia Clamps Down on Contemporary Art (and History)

Russia’s Ministry of Culture has shut down a major “contemporary art and culture hubs project” and repurposed it with a new agenda: spreading “patriotic education” and “promoting moral values” for the “development of the Russian national spirit” in line with the Orthodox Church. The entire team of curators involved in…


Georgia is a Terrible Place to be Gay

Georgians tend to support EU integration but remain suspicious of so-called “European” values like LGBT rights. In Tbilisi, cops still enter gay-friendly clubs and demand to see IDs. With the powerful Orthodox Church reasserting traditional values, will Georgia stray from its supposedly devoutly pro-Western path? Few who are familiar with…