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Roma Youth: A Glimmer of Hope

Suad Skenderi on a future for young Roma in Europe.   Roma have lived in Europe since the 12th century,  arriving in several waves of migration[1]. They played a crucial role in the nation-building processes in almost every European state. Their contributions have been documented in every area of society, including cultural…


Op-ed: Changing Britain, A Reply to Sara Gvero on the EU Referendum

Dragan Plavšić offers an alternative take on Britain’s decision to leave the EU, the rise in racist incidents since the referendum, and parallels with Yugoslavia. Introduction Sara Gvero (‘Shrinking Britain: A Migrant’s View on the EU Referendum’ Balkanist July 6, 2016) laments the UK’s decision to leave the EU. She…


Hiding in Plain Sight: A Portrait of Krupka, Czech Republic

Discrimination against the Roma in the Czech Republic is well documented. In this article, Arber Selmani takes us on a tour of Krupka, a Roma settlement just one hour from Prague. Marek is just another guy in the settlement. He is 19, and speaks Czech, Slovakian, Russian, and English to…


Fear and Loathing in the UK: Ross Kemp Goes to Bulgaria

British TV host Ross Kemp goes to Bulgaria to ratchet up the racist anti-immigration rhetoric in advance of the British general election. It’s spring in the Balkans, and the residents of Bulgaria are exchanging their heavy winter jackets for martenitsa and cafe terraces. Far away from the streets of Sofia, the battle…


French Secularism Meets Fear and Demagoguery

On Charlie Hebdo, knee-jerk xenophobia, and the French far right. This Sunday, January 11, marked a unity march of more than a million people in Paris in response to last week’s terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. In attendance were world leaders and French political leaders. The invite…

Mystery Maria in Greece

Abductions of Roma Children Receive Little Attention

As panic about “fair-skinned” children kidnapped by “criminal gangs of gypsies” spreads, the international media ignores the fact that Roma are actually the population most vulnerable to child abduction and trafficking in Europe. She’s been called “the blond angel without an identity”. Earlier this month, the blue-eyed five- or six-year-old…