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Queer As Turbofolk (Part VIII): Pain And Pleasure 1

Welcome to a Culture Wars Special of Queer As Turbofolk – today we’re debating the ethical implications of keeping hot guys in cages, racial objectification in Polish pop-folk, the teleology of Ceca, Cisleithanian privilege in 19th-century Galicia, and whether Macedonian crunk is cultural appropriation. Pull up an ethically carpentered chair…


Queering Sevdah with Božo Vrećo

How is a discernibly queer performer, who sings not pop but traditional, serious sevdah music, incredibly popular all over Bosnia?Sevdah, Bosnia’s traditional music which sings of loss, sadness, and heartache, has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity since the civil war of the 1990s. With figures such as Amira Medunjanin…


Queer as Turbofolk (Part IV): Beef Platter

Merry Christmas, Srećna Nova Godina and welcome back to Queer As Turbofolk, reloaded with extra glitter and chest hair for 2015. I hope your holiday period was suitably festive (or at the very least tolerable) and you were showered with pokloni, ljubav and rakija. But even if your family were…