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How One Photographer is Analyzing the Intersection of Class and Pseudo-Luxury in Post-Communist Albania

In a new book of photographs by artist Anna Ehrenstein, Tales of Lipstick and Virtue, intersections of class and pseudo-luxury are conspicuously unpacked in striking works that reconcile changing notions of female identity emerging in contemporary Albanian life. The photographs—mostly fake-stills Ehrenstein composed on the streets of Tirana—depict women confronting…


Smart Horses: Albanian Election Diary, Part 1

I spent the week leading up to the elections travelling the length of the country, trying (and often failing) to make sense of Albanian democracy. What were people fighting for in these elections? Was there some great ideological battle taking place? It was a question that would echo in my mind…


On Pride Parades in the Post-Communist Space

Pride parades have been criticized for being both too commercial and too easily co-opted by homophobic groups looking to project an extreme and inaccurate image of LGBT people as sexually deviant in order to satisfy their own (often political) interests. Are parades the best format for promoting acceptance of the…