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Carlos ZGZ

Hungarian Businessman Held in Detention on Allegations of Spying for the United States

Was a Hungarian businessman with access to Prime Minister Orban’s Swiss Bank Account and Hungarian military secrets passing that information on to the Pentagon? Or was his arrest on espionage charges a politically-motivated response to U.S. pressure on Hungary to combat corruption and reverse its slide into authoritarianism?   In late November 2015, the…


Open Letter to the Government of Montenegro, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Police Directorate

An Open Letter to the Government of Montenegro, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Police Directorate. We, the undersigned citizens of Montenegro, are protesting against the recent police repression that was aimed against the participants of peaceful citizen’s protest. Yesterday in Podgorica, peaceful demonstrators were arrested – including professors,…


Forgotten Neighbors

Yesterday, the People’s Assembly of Republika Srpska decided to organize a referendum concerning the judicial institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the shadow of this story, controversial changes to the long forgotten Law on Residence was pushed through in the Bosnian Parliament, seemingly without anyone noticing. What does this mean for internally displaced persons and…


Fumbling for the Frontline of Skopje’s Barely Contained Ethnic Conflict

It’s the afternoon of July 4 in Skopje, the sun prickles the skin and residual tear gas scratches at the eyes. Two young men, their faces red raw with the aftereffects of gas, sling their friend’s arms over their shoulders as they help him hobble, shin bandaged from a wound…


Getting a PhD in Serbia has Never Been Easier: The Case of Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojša Stefanović

By Dr Uglješa Grušić (lecturer, University of Nottingham), Dr Branislav Radeljić (senior lecturer, University of East London) and Slobodan Tomić (PhD candidate, London School of Economics and Political Science) DISCLAIMER: The procurement of dubious academic degrees, especially those obtained through nepotistic and corrupt activities, is a serious problem in the…


UPDATE: Protests Across Bosnia Are A “Collective Nervous Breakdown”

“He who sows hunger reaps anger,” warned the red graffiti on a Sarajevo government building this week. The message hinted at the depth of poverty and disillusionment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that has driven people to join demonstrations across the divided country, where the unemployment rate is about 40…

Prijedor Police Harrasment

“We’re Arresting You Because You’re Suspicious And Unknown”

Jean Louis spent the last few minutes before his arrest frantically trying to understand what was happening to him. At 9:40 AM on a bright Tuesday morning in late October, three plainclothes police officers for the city of Prijedor in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska entered his home without a warrant, and…