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Bucharest Deconstructed : A Series of Diptychs

 Bucharest Deconstructed: A series of Diptychs, by Marylise Vigneau/Anzenberger Bucharest seems to lie on some fault lines, in a fluidity both spatial and temporal, suspended between an unprocessed past and an uncertain future on the edge lands of Europe. Twenty-six years after the violent fall of Ceaușescu, deconstruction is manifest, the outcome…


War and Holy Water in Ukraine: An Interview with Photographer Christopher Nunn

Last summer, while living in Odessa, I got in touch with British photographer Christopher Nunn, who has been working in Ukraine since early 2013. Nunn is not a conflict photographer or a photojournalist, and his photos are striking because they often look very different from other images coming out of Ukraine.…


Putin’s Muscular Politics and the Power of Photography

How seriously should we take political propaganda photography in the 21st century? Sanja Bjelica looks at Putin propaganda from a feminist angle. The order of politics was created by men and for men, with no distinct consideration of a female perspective or for women in politics. Hyper-masculine leaders, like Russian…