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Photos of Odessa, Plus Our Valentine’s Day 2017 Playlist

It’s Valentine’s Day and in case that matters to anyone anymore, your editor has put together a playlist of music made by some of our friends in Ukraine and Russia. We’re also throwing in some of our photos of the beautiful Black Sea port city of Odessa, where we occasionally hide out when we’re not…


Photo Essay: Stranded in Idomeni

“A new humanitarian situation is developing in Europe that needs urgent attention,” UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards said of Idomeni on November 24th, 2015. All photos by Julia Druelle. Last month, 60 people went on hunger strike in the village of Idomeni, on Greece’s border with Macedonia. 11 people stitched their mouths…

Bulqiza © All rights reserved - Ole Elfenkämper

Photo Essay: The Miners of Bulqiza

There’s a sense of admiration people across the Balkans have traditionally had for miners, which is probably similar to what Americans must feel for firefighters. What brings these two groups together isn’t just the imagery of their helmets, boots and hard, life-threatening working conditions. Firefighters in the capitalist West are…