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Belgrade Bacchanalia: Sex, Drugs and Despair in the World’s Best New Berlin

If all the hype is to be believed, Belgrade is the new Berlin. But is it?Belgrade’s alleged “hipness” has been a subject of fascination for the international media for about 12 years now, creating an often cringeworthy genre. Articles with headlines like “Bloc Party: Post-War Belgrade is Radically Reinventing Itself” (The New…


The Balkanist Guide to the Serbian Elections: Party Edition

Unholy alliances, undifferentiated ideology, a unipolar political landscape, and dumb populist stunts. Balkanist’s definitive guide to the parties and people running in the sordid Serbian elections scheduled for this Sunday. Aleksandar Vucic was giving a speech at a massive campaign rally last month when a man suddenly climbed out of…