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Far-Right Extremists Are Working Harder Than You Are

From the archives: “The Serbian ultranationalist and neo-fascist far right have somehow managed to put the internet to better use than the majority of Western-backed NGOs. Why is that?” When they aren’t torching garbage bins or throwing petrol bombs at their their fellow Serbs, members of the far right extremist…

Nigel Farage Hitler Moustache, BBC

Fascism and the EU

Welcome to the first edition of “Fascism and the EU”, wherein we track the movements of the far-right political parties that are currently gathering into a single dark storm cloud over the European Union. With elections for the European Parliament scheduled for May, and several far-right parties uniting in an…

"He's aggressive, but in a good way," Ilya Goryachev (right) wrote of Vuk Jeremic, Serbia's former Minister of Foreign Affairs (left).

A Russian Neo-Nazi and Suspected Spree Killer in Serbia

How did a notorious young neo-Nazi accused of assassinating ten people in a high-profile Moscow murder spree get so cozy with Serbia and Russia’s political elite? Meet the talented Mr. Goryachev.   One rainy day in late May, Ilya Goryachev sat down to write a letter. “I am going to…