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Kazakhstan’s Dictator Makes Historic First Trip to Serbia

Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev’s first trip to Belgrade. The newest monument in Belgrade is a bust of Stalinist poet and traditional folk singer Jambyl Jabayev of Kazakhstan. Jabayev, who died several months shy of his 100th birthday in 1945, is said to have composed numerous songs and poems in homage to Stalin,…

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Yugoslavia’s “Space Age” Monuments Revisited

Photos of “Yugoslav space age monuments” have been all over the internet in recent years, entirely decontextualized from both their original and evolving meanings. Susanna Bitters takes a closer look. Walking up the steps of Tjentište, the monument disappears before it reappears again. The sloping hills that compose the careful…


Comradeship of the Sad and the Fighting: a History of Vanishing Monuments

What were the Four Sleeping Soldiers looking at and what will Warsaw’s residents look at in the future? Filip Lech  examines the history of Warsaw’s most contentious monument in a piece originally published on the excellent culture.pl. Chronology and topography Four Sleeping Soldiers, Three Fighting Soldiers; or sometimes Four Sad Soldiers,…


The Opposite of Memory is Not Forgetting

On this Thanksgiving holiday, Eric Gordy takes a look at collective memory and historical truth in the United States and Serbia.  What do we mean when we use terms like “collective memory” and “confrontation with the past”? The first term is the older one, usually traced to the French sociologist…