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Kazakhstan’s Dictator Makes Historic First Trip to Serbia

Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev’s first trip to Belgrade. The newest monument in Belgrade is a bust of Stalinist poet and traditional folk singer Jambyl Jabayev of Kazakhstan. Jabayev, who died several months shy of his 100th birthday in 1945, is said to have composed numerous songs and poems in homage to Stalin,…

View of the Millennium Alley, a section of Astana’s left bank that stretches on an axis from the presidential palace Ak Orda (seen here in the depth of the photo) to the Norman Foster-designed entertainment and shopping complex, Khan Shatyr.

The “Utopian-Dystopian” Architecture of Contemporary Kazakhstan

Astana became the bureaucratic and political seat of Kazakhstan in 1997. Then known as Akmola, it seems to have been, by all accounts, an unimpressive provincial Soviet city with a population of 300,000. It has since become an architectural spectacle—a capital designed by some of the most elite global talent…