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Carlos ZGZ

Hungarian Businessman Held in Detention on Allegations of Spying for the United States

Was a Hungarian businessman with access to Prime Minister Orban’s Swiss Bank Account and Hungarian military secrets passing that information on to the Pentagon? Or was his arrest on espionage charges a politically-motivated response to U.S. pressure on Hungary to combat corruption and reverse its slide into authoritarianism?   In late November 2015, the…


Fleeing Decades of War, Refugees from Afghanistan Are Stranded in Serbia

Fleeing nearly four decades of continuous war and a recent resurgence in terrorist violence and U.S. airstrikes at home, many refugees from Afghanistan remain stranded in Serbia with little hope of ever being granted asylum in the EU. Emerging from the darkness of an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade’s “new Berlin” nightlife…


Resisting War in Kosovo: A Short Collection of Stories

History has forgotten the many thousands of conscientious objectors and other resistors to the 1998-99 Kosovo War. Here are some of their stories. Danilo Kiš, who died in 1989 and is often regarded as the last Yugoslav novelist, was haunted by that which had been lost to history. He was most…


Live(ish) Blogs and Updates: The Refugee Crisis Along the Balkan Corridor

Hello to our friends and readers from around the world. Europe is currently experiencing its worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. Many refugees fleeing war in the Middle East first pass through the “Balkan route” or “Balkan corridor” en route to countries in the EU. Here we hope…


The Border is Closed: Photos from the Hungary/Serbia Border

Just past midnight Monday night, the Hungarian border fence was completed and the border officially closed to refugees. What’s next?  Thousands of refugees were rushing along the railway track on Monday near the Serbian village of Horgoš. This unofficial border crossing point saw thousands of people entering the Schengen area these last…


No-Man’s Land: Life on the Serbia-Hungary Border

A peacetime no-man’s land is opening up in the Western Balkans, populated by refugees and asylum seekers who suffer the consequences of the joint failures of Serbia, Hungary, and the EU.  One well-trodden route travelled by refugees towards central Europe takes them through Macedonia to Serbia and towards Hungary, where…