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Far-Right Extremists Are Working Harder Than You Are

From the archives: “The Serbian ultranationalist and neo-fascist far right have somehow managed to put the internet to better use than the majority of Western-backed NGOs. Why is that?” When they aren’t torching garbage bins or throwing petrol bombs at their their fellow Serbs, members of the far right extremist…


Time To Show The ‘West’ The Real ‘Balkans’

For many, Balkan football is the epitome of violence, ethnic hatred and nationalism. Chris Etchingham looks at the other side of the region’s most popular sport. In recent weeks, there have been numerous high-profile examples of how football in the Balkans is used to push nationalist and religious agendas at…


Against Progress: A Manifesto

Perspectives must be fashioned that displace & estrange the world, reveal it to be, with its rifts & crevices, as indigent & distorted as it will appear one day in the messianic light. To gain such perspectives without velleity or violence, entirely from felt contact with its objects — this…


The Fall of the Bulgarian Giants

Their players once held ranks within the communist government’s most powerful ministries, only to be banned from football for “violations of the socialist morale”. In the post-communist period, individuals at the top of the clubs’ hierarchy have been linked to shady privatization deals and the mafia, while the teams themselves…

Photo credit: Cropix/Marko Todorić

The Democratic ‘Hooligan’? Radical Democracy and Social Protest Amongst Football Fans in Croatia

We are currently witnessing ‘football fan tribes’[1] all over Europe being under ever-increasing scrutiny for their xenophobic, racist, homophobic, violent and/or anti-Semitic behaviour. Particularly recent incidents, such as the violent right-wing demonstrations of ‘Hooligans’ against ‘Islamists’ in Cologne, the death of a Spanish football fan after fights between rivalling sets…

Photo credit: Mark Watkins for Balkanist

The Week in Pictures

The past week has been disorienting. There were moments that looked and felt like a memory drawn from the last century. Others unintentionally echoed more recent events. Some of the spectacles we witnessed over the last few days were engineered to be provocative. Here’s a look back at some of…


Serbia is Russia Lite: Inside the Anti-Gay Hooligan State

Note: I published the following article almost exactly one year ago. In light of the brutal attack on an LGBT conference participant in Belgrade this weekend, I’m republishing it now. The government just banned the Belgrade Pride Parade for the third year in a row, thousands of violent anti-gay rioters…