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Op-Ed: The Perfect Storm

The trafficking of men and women—whether for forced labour, or sexual exploitation—continues to haunt Albania. Why have successive governments failed to solve the problem?    In 2001, Daniel Renton—writing for Save the Children[1]—mapped the trend of human trafficking in Albania. Other charities across Europe had noted the cases of Albanian…


Shrinking Britain: A Migrant’s View on the EU Referendum

A migrant from Mostar, Yugoslavia on the meaning of Brexit. By Sara Gvero. When I first moved to London it felt like my life had suddenly shrank. All the things that had been important to me until then receded into the background as I navigated my way through the challenges…

Nigel Farage Hitler Moustache, BBC

Fascism and the EU

Welcome to the first edition of “Fascism and the EU”, wherein we track the movements of the far-right political parties that are currently gathering into a single dark storm cloud over the European Union. With elections for the European Parliament scheduled for May, and several far-right parties uniting in an…

Chernobyl Stag party

Chernobyl Stag Parties: British Bachelors in Eastern Europe

Cheap flights have encouraged gangs of young men to leave their dismal homeland and terrorize the streets of European cities rich in culture. And now the notoriously drunk British stag party tourist has a new destination in Eastern Europe: The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. What could possibly go wrong? This could…