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Albania is Emptying at an Alarming Rate

Since the summer of 2015, the number of Albanians requesting asylum in Western Europe has risen dramatically. Although the number of asylum requests dropped during 2016, the number of people migrating illegally has continued to grow. Balkanist spoke with several Albanians in different countries and asked them why they chose…


Article Censored by Azeri Media: “On Orientalism”

Arturo Desimone recently wrote an article titled “On Orientalism”, inspired by a debate in Azerbaijan following the tragic suicide of a gay Azeri activist, which was censored by the website Meydan TV. Dissident Ali Novruzov, also from Azerbaijan, republished the deleted article with a version of the introduction below on his blog.…


Murder in Tito’s Name: German Journalists Investigate Liquidations by Yugoslav Secret Police

  Between 1946 and 1990, the Yugoslav State Security Administration (UDBA) carried out a series of assassinations throughout Western Europe and in Canada, the U.S., Australia, South Africa and Argentina. A recent coproduction between Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle and Bavarian state broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk looks further into the string…


Romanian Elections: Mr. Iohannis Runs For President

The presidential election in Romania will be held in an atmosphere dominated by a series of spy and corruption scandals. Enter Mr. Klaus Iohannis, the “refined” German-Saxon mayor of Sibui, who some say is a refreshingly different kind of candidate in Romania. He will be competing against Mr. Victor Ponta,…

No but seriously war is all hell.

The World Cup Report from a Gin Joint Near the Copacabana

Arséne Wenger had lost enough. He’d gone more than a decade without winning anything, not a single league title, not a single trophy, not for nearly a decade had Arsenal won a single thing worth winning except a string of fourth place finishes in the Premier League, which earned them…