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US Senators Send Letter to US Secretary of State Demanding Investigation into US Democracy Promotion Activities

Balkanist has obtained a letter sent from six US Senators to US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson yesterday demanding an immediate worldwide investigation into all US democracy promotion activities. Macedonia and Albania are discussed as two timely examples of countries supposedly harmed by the US’s policies and the allocation of…

Dragana Pećo of Belgrade’s Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) at the Belgrade Security Forum

Op-Ed: Closing in on Serbia’s Voices of Opposition

A look back at three years of media repression in Serbia. There is a great irony in the way dissent is handled in the Balkans. What makes this irony even greater is that the handlers of dissent don’t even see it. Eleven months ago, the incumbent Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) organized…


Op-ed: The Candidate That Got Captured

Reflecting on ten years of Macedonia’s often tumultuous political evolution, Ivana Jordanovska asks whether the country is on the right track as it prepares for this spring’s historic elections. On December 17th, 2005, Macedonia was granted candidate country status for EU membership. For the small state of two million, it…