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Serbia Erupts in Protests “Against the Dictatorship” of Aleksandar Vucic

Serbs are demonstrating ‘against the dictatorship’ of prime minister and soon-to-be president Aleksandar Vucic in the latest wave of anti-authoritarian protests to hit the Balkans.   Protesters filled the streets of Serbia’s two main urban centers of Belgrade and Novi Sad last night to demonstrate ‘against dictatorship’, following the victory of Prime…


Meet My Dictator

Meet Milo Djukanovic, the man who has ruled Montenegro for 26 years — the longest-reigning non-royal leader in Europe — whose regime continues to benefit from the European Union’s indifference.  Montenegro is a mafia state. This really would be the most accurate way to describe my homeland’s predicament in a single sentence,…


Op-ed: A Tale of Two Countries

With historic protests about to take place in Montenegro, Ivana Jordanovska reflects on dictatorship, democratic deficiency, civic action and the role of the EU and Russia in both Montenegro and Macedonia. Once upon a time, or in 2006 to be more precise, two seemingly separate events took place in two…