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Kazakhstan’s Dictator Makes Historic First Trip to Serbia

Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev’s first trip to Belgrade. The newest monument in Belgrade is a bust of Stalinist poet and traditional folk singer Jambyl Jabayev of Kazakhstan. Jabayev, who died several months shy of his 100th birthday in 1945, is said to have composed numerous songs and poems in homage to Stalin,…


Exonerating Milosevic: A Futile, Destructive Cause of Global “Anti-Imperialists”

Refik Hodzic takes on recent revisionist efforts to declare Slobodan Milošević “exonerated by the ICTY” — and challenges fringe perceptions of the Serbian dictator and former banker as some kind of socialist icon.   The chorus of familiar voices from the “anti-imperialist” spectrum of the international public discourse proclaiming that Slobodan Milošević…


The Spring is Not in the Details

The questions on everyone’s mind are: Is this a real Balkan spring? Can we declare it yet? Is Gruevski going to fall? These are all relevant questions but I’m not going to focus on them here. After Sunday’s protests, I believe we have a  much bigger reason to celebrate in…

Vucic (Photo credit: Kurir)

Inside Serbia’s Anti-Corruption War

First, the most powerful politician in Serbia began arresting tycoons. Then he started getting more aggressive about pursuing political opponents. Now he’s conducting mass purges of his own party. We took a look at the “anti-corruption crusade” that’s been receiving so much uncritical praise lately, and tried to figure out…