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A Conversation With Carl Bildt

A while back, I interviewed the most enigmatic diplomat in the world: Carl Bildt. Mr. Bildt has served as Sweden’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and held a number of posts in the Balkans, including as the EU’s Special Envoy to the former Yugoslavia, Co-Chairman of the Dayton Peace Conference…


The Tito – Castro Split and the End of Cigar Socialism

On Fidel Castro, Tito and the death of cigar socialism. Fidel Castro and Tito were both larger-than-life socialist leaders famous for their love of thick cigars – ironically a symbol of material frivolity and fat cat capitalism. Fidel finally died over the weekend, and old photos of the leaders of…

The first McDonald's in Eastern Europe.

I’m Lovin’ It (Most of the Time): A Brief History of McDonald’s in Serbia

Russian courts on Wednesday ordered the closure of three McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow for the maximum 90 days allowed by law, including the first location to open in the Soviet Union back in 1990. Officials said the three American culinary outposts were being shuttered for health violations, but the mounting…


Shevardnadze, Revisited

The recent passing of former Georgian leader Eduard Shevardnadze, the man who helped end the Cold War, has offered us an opportunity to reflect on his legacy. And as politics in the Eurasian sphere return to petty power struggles between Russia and the West, it becomes clear that his characteristic idealism…