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Photo credit: Damira Kalajzic

Southern Europe’s Summer Inferno: Silence of the Nationalists

Record-breaking temperatures have become something of a cliché. 2017, we are told, is set to round off a hat-trick of hottest years as global warming rates rise to their highest level since the interglacial Eemian period. But while Brits and Germans celebrated the June heatwave with BBQs – before the…


Balkan Floods, Hurricane Katrina, and the Future of Dispossession

“…Because it seemed to me that Petersburg’s whole life story is here, brilliantly crystallized and compressed: a vision of the city’s grandeur and magnificence, and a vision of the madness on which it is based – the mad idea that a volatile nature can be permanently tamed and dominated by…

Fire in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Loss and Damage” in the Balkans: A Review of This Year’s Climate Talks

A global report has ranked several Balkan countries as among those most at risk from suffering the “loss and damage” of climate change: massive wildfires, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events. But developed countries, who are largely responsible for having created these conditions, don’t want to bear the costs.…