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Drago Burlacu

In Conversation: Contemporary Balkan Art in Post-Brexit London

What might contemporary Balkan art, informed by the experiences of fragmentation, economic uncertainty and rapid cultural and political change, contribute to our understanding of the wider changes happening elsewhere in the world in the wake of Brexit and Trump? Ana Russell-Omaljev, PhD, Creative Director of Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA), on why contemporary…


A Conversation with Leandrit Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic, Co-Editors of Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences

Leandrit Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic Co-editors of Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences (Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh University Press, 2016)   Do you think that the series of provocative events since October/November 2014 in Serbia (namely the flag incident during the Serbia-Albania football match, the controversial visit of Albania’s…


Op-ed: Changing Britain, A Reply to Sara Gvero on the EU Referendum

Dragan Plavšić offers an alternative take on Britain’s decision to leave the EU, the rise in racist incidents since the referendum, and parallels with Yugoslavia. Introduction Sara Gvero (‘Shrinking Britain: A Migrant’s View on the EU Referendum’ Balkanist July 6, 2016) laments the UK’s decision to leave the EU. She…


Shrinking Britain: A Migrant’s View on the EU Referendum

A migrant from Mostar, Yugoslavia on the meaning of Brexit. By Sara Gvero. When I first moved to London it felt like my life had suddenly shrank. All the things that had been important to me until then receded into the background as I navigated my way through the challenges…