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Op-ed: The Gentlemen in the Boxing Ring

A very smart person once told me that politics should be a gentleman’s sport, played in gloves. Yes, everyone throws punches here and there in the form of political deals and bargains, but the gloves never come off. No punches below the belt. No backstabbing. I’d try to convince you…


Zenica, the city that was lost in transition

The recent history of Zenica illustrates how the transition and economic policies promoted by international organisations have left former industrial centres without hope for a better future, and driven out the people who represented a chance for civic coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Zenica was developed as an industrial…


The Disunited Colours of Mostar

Nearly twenty years after the Dayton Accords, Ian Bancroft explores the state of Mostar’s reconciliation process through the city’s physical landscape. One enduring memory from a 2003 visit to Mostar is the ruins of Musala square blanketed by fashion billboards offering a glamorous and utopian future; a sharp contrast to an…


Queering Sevdah with Božo Vrećo

How is a discernibly queer performer, who sings not pop but traditional, serious sevdah music, incredibly popular all over Bosnia?Sevdah, Bosnia’s traditional music which sings of loss, sadness, and heartache, has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity since the civil war of the 1990s. With figures such as Amira Medunjanin…


Forgetting Resistance in the Balkans

Serbia recently arrested eight individuals suspected of committing war crimes at Srebrenica. The coming trials are unlikely to help anyone “confront the past”. Failing to account for history, with all of its complexities, doesn’t just mean that guilt isn’t processed or punishment not distributed where it’s due; it means that…

Sarajevo, February 2014. (Photo credit: Amer Kajmovic/Oslobodjenje)

Bosnia-Herzegovina Election Guide: Personalities, Parties & Prospects

After a year of worker-led protests, popular assemblies, catastrophic floods, and threats to dissolve the state itself, voters in Bosnia-Herzegovina will finally go to the polls on October 12th. Jasmin Mujanovic takes us on a trip through the myriad personalities, parties and prospects involved in the general election —  which he argues…