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#RealBaku2015: Amidst Human Rights Abuses, Azerbaijan hosts European Games

Tomorrow, the first ever European Games will commence in Baku. Cristina Maza dissects Azerbaijan’s human rights record, its strategy of ‘caviar diplomacy’ and the cowardice of European politics. As Azerbaijan showcases its prowess as a major regional player by hosting a glitzy and extravagant international sporting event, civil society activists…


Article Censored by Azeri Media: “On Orientalism”

Arturo Desimone recently wrote an article titled “On Orientalism”, inspired by a debate in Azerbaijan following the tragic suicide of a gay Azeri activist, which was censored by the website Meydan TV. Dissident Ali Novruzov, also from Azerbaijan, republished the deleted article with a version of the introduction below on his blog.…


Darkness Falls on the ‘Land of Fire’

The detention of a pioneering female journalist in Azerbaijan has exposed the increasingly repressive nature of its energy-rich regime. Officials at the Azerbaijani embassy in the Georgian capital Tbilisi peered through their windows in bemusement on December 10 as a few dozen young protesters gathered outside the gates, holding up…


Post-Soviet Frozen Conflicts and Quasi-States

Now that the newly elected rebel leaders of the self-declared Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics have taken office, the West believes that long-held fears about a “frozen conflict” taking shape in eastern Ukraine might finally become a reality. The post-Soviet landscape is already scarred with several unrecognized pseudo-statelets that have…

Azeri girl, 6, arrested at protest for shouting "freedom"

The Kids Aren’t Alright…And Neither is the Country

As many expected, Ilham Aliyev has just won a third term as president of Azerbaijan in a “crushing” victory attended by accusations of rampant irregularities. Nigar Fatali describes what living and growing up in a society beset by corruption, nepotism, and favors for favors does to both families and the…

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Azerbaijani Presidential Elections: Opposition Missteps and an Internal Logic for Repression

On September 2, The Economist’s Eastern Approaches blog featured a post about next month’s presidential elections in Azerbaijan. In reference to an ongoing crackdown on civil society in the run-up to the election, the author mockingly asks, “What is the government scared of?” The answer is relatively obvious – power. The Azerbaijani…