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Op-Ed: Half Truths & Gangster Politics

Unless we acknowledge the gravity of events in Macedonia, the final victim of violence across the Balkans will be democracy itself, argues Rudina Hajdari.   After more than 1 year without a government — and several months of serious political instability — Macedonia has been shaken by the most significant…

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Serbia Erupts in Protests “Against the Dictatorship” of Aleksandar Vucic

Serbs are demonstrating ‘against the dictatorship’ of prime minister and soon-to-be president Aleksandar Vucic in the latest wave of anti-authoritarian protests to hit the Balkans.   Protesters filled the streets of Serbia’s two main urban centers of Belgrade and Novi Sad last night to demonstrate ‘against dictatorship’, following the victory of Prime…


Op-Ed: Europe Should Brace Itself, There’s a New Autocracy on the Rise in Serbia

Sunday’s presidential election in Serbia will determine whether the country continues its slide into an open return to authoritarian dictatorship. Europe should take note, argues Marieke Walraven.   Serbia is holding elections on April 2, 2017. The current prime minister and most powerful politician in Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is leading in…


WTF is Going on in Turkey?

The view from Izmir on last night’s failed coup attempt in Turkey: echoes of 1980, authoritarianism and democracy, and a possible way forward.  For citizens of Turkey, the night of 15 July conjured memories of the political atmosphere of the previous century. An unknown group of soldiers, a junta, attempted…


Turkey’s Election Portends Period of Uncertainty, Instability

On Sunday, Turkey’s political landscape was transformed. The leftist pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) managed to seize a sizable number of votes from the ruling AK party by presenting itself as a countrywide option representative of minorities and the peace process. The dramatic shake up in Turkish politics is likely to…


#RealBaku2015: Amidst Human Rights Abuses, Azerbaijan hosts European Games

Tomorrow, the first ever European Games will commence in Baku. Cristina Maza dissects Azerbaijan’s human rights record, its strategy of ‘caviar diplomacy’ and the cowardice of European politics. As Azerbaijan showcases its prowess as a major regional player by hosting a glitzy and extravagant international sporting event, civil society activists…