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On Studying Albanian in Belgrade

An intro and interview by Eno Shkëmbi.   Slađana Stojiljković is a Serbian student from the city of Leskovac currently in her second year of Albanology studies at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology. Albanology is the study of Albanian language and culture. Most people in Belgrade probably don’t even know…

Carlos ZGZ

Hungarian Businessman Held in Detention on Allegations of Spying for the United States

Was a Hungarian businessman with access to Prime Minister Orban’s Swiss Bank Account and Hungarian military secrets passing that information on to the Pentagon? Or was his arrest on espionage charges a politically-motivated response to U.S. pressure on Hungary to combat corruption and reverse its slide into authoritarianism?   In late November 2015, the…

Drago Burlacu

In Conversation: Contemporary Balkan Art in Post-Brexit London

What might contemporary Balkan art, informed by the experiences of fragmentation, economic uncertainty and rapid cultural and political change, contribute to our understanding of the wider changes happening elsewhere in the world in the wake of Brexit and Trump? Ana Russell-Omaljev, PhD, Creative Director of Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA), on why contemporary…


Non-Aligned Modernity: Eastern-European Art and Archives from the Marinko Sudac Collection

Non-Aligned Modernity: Eastern-European Art and Archives from the Marinko Sudac Collection Curator: Marco Scotini, in collaboration with Andris Brinkmanis and Lorenzo Paini FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy | http://www.fmcca.it/en/ Exhibition ends 23 December 2016 In 1961, strange messages began arriving in the mail at addresses across Zagreb. A mysterious…