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Carlos ZGZ

Hungarian Businessman Held in Detention on Allegations of Spying for the United States

Was a Hungarian businessman with access to Prime Minister Orban’s Swiss Bank Account and Hungarian military secrets passing that information on to the Pentagon? Or was his arrest on espionage charges a politically-motivated response to U.S. pressure on Hungary to combat corruption and reverse its slide into authoritarianism?   In late November 2015, the…


“My Husband was Arrested After the Coup Attempt in Turkey”

One woman tells the story of her husband’s arrest and ongoing detainment following the coup attempt in Turkey.  This is the story of one of the many arrests made in Turkey following the coup attempt of July 15th. It’s also the story of how the aftermath of the coup attempt has irreparably…


Kosovo on the Edge of Political Crisis

Kosovo enters 2016 with a political crisis still unresolved and arguably gaining more momentum. Katarina Tadic reports from Pristina. I arrived in Pristina on a gloomy Thursday evening. My bus departed Belgrade at lunchtime, and had progressed painfully slowly through central Serbia as very loud turbofolk music blared from its…