No, the EU Hasn’t Necessarily “Dodged a Bullet” in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s recent parliamentary election was widely declared a victory for EU interests by the western media, but a closer look at the complicated web of Kremlin influence and “pro-Russia” and “pro-EU” loyalties in Bulgaria reveals a far more complex picture, argues Michael Colborne.   Bulgaria got caught in the western media…


Op-Ed: Protests, Post-Communism and Compromise in Albania

Edi Rama’s European Albania is a public relations fantasy. It is a nation-state which exists only in the mind of two dozen politicians and publicists—whose only concern is paying lip-service to the European Union’s accession requirements. The opposition Democratic Party are protesting in Tirana because we want Albania to be…


Op-Ed: Liberalism, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union

Can liberalism rescue Bosnia and Herzegovina from nationalism-driven politics? Senad Osmanovic says yes. The discussion surrounding the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina has for years been at a stalemate, where old ideas and phrases get refashioned in Brussels, and returned to the country in new ​packaging. These packages promise economic development, prosperity, reforms,…