The latest news from the Balkans and everything to its East.

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Serbia Erupts in Protests “Against the Dictatorship” of Aleksandar Vucic

Serbs are demonstrating ‘against the dictatorship’ of prime minister and soon-to-be president Aleksandar Vucic in the latest wave of anti-authoritarian protests to hit the Balkans.   Protesters filled the streets of Serbia’s two main urban centers of Belgrade and Novi Sad last night to demonstrate ‘against dictatorship’, following the victory of Prime…


China is Using the Balkans as a Testing Ground to Expand its Nuclear Industry

China is using the Balkans as a testing ground to expand its nuclear industry. Its pursuits in Romania highlight its rush to become a global player. With the current U.S. administration proving unwilling to assume leadership on climate change, the burden of responsibility on climate progress in the next four years will mostly fall upon…


US Senators Send Letter to US Secretary of State Demanding Investigation into US Democracy Promotion Activities

Balkanist has obtained a letter sent from six US Senators to US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson yesterday demanding an immediate worldwide investigation into all US democracy promotion activities. Macedonia and Albania are discussed as two timely examples of countries supposedly harmed by the US’s policies and the allocation of…


The Week in Fear and Demagoguery

Nationalism and militarism: on the rise across the region again.  Paranoia reigns in the Balkans. Relations between Belgrade and Prishtina have completely broken down now. Kosovo’s parliament passed a resolution suspending all dialogue with Serbia until former Kosovar Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, wanted by Serbia on war crimes charges, is…


Russia Seeks Its Own Version Of Kosovo In Eastern Ukraine

“Russia is seeking to present the Western powers with its own version of Kosovo. Just as Russia’s ally Serbia claims sovereignty over Kosovo with some validity in terms of international law, but has no effective control over most of its territory, the Russians are planning to make Eastern Ukraine a…


Fleeing Decades of War, Refugees from Afghanistan Are Stranded in Serbia

Fleeing nearly four decades of continuous war and a recent resurgence in terrorist violence and U.S. airstrikes at home, many refugees from Afghanistan remain stranded in Serbia with little hope of ever being granted asylum in the EU. Emerging from the darkness of an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade’s “new Berlin” nightlife…


Romania’s Justice Minister Resigns as Mass Protests Persist, Any Other Questions?

Florin Iordache, Romania’s Minister of Justice and a member of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) has resigned following more than a week of massive street protests against an emergency decree that would have decriminalized a range of corruption offenses. The government ultimately repealed the contentious ordinance on Sunday, which…