The Hourglass Literary Magazine Announces New Competition for Writers

The Hourglass Literary Magazine has announced its maiden competition for best short story, essay and poem.

The Hourglass Literary Magazine invites all authors as well as writers from the diaspora who write in English and the languages of the region (BCMS) to apply with their unpublished work to our literary contest, which will close on January 1, 2016.

The competition will select the best works in three categories: short story, essay and poem. Competition winners in each category will receive $1000 in addition to the symbolic prize. There are no thematic or genre limitations.

Hourglass Literary Magazine is the first literary magazine in the region that “speaks two languages” and will be distributed in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, as well as countries across continental Europe. Our aim, although we are planning to establish an online magazine or e-zine, is to use all possible potentials of the internet as a medium, to promote the traditional form of the literary magazine, in print. For more, visit

Winners will be decided by jury members Sibelan Forrester, Jelena Lengold and John K. Cox. The jury will also evaluate the quality of submitted works to determine who will be awarded special prizes for three authors in the amount of $500.

More information and criteria can be found on the Hourglass Literary Magazine’s website.

Hourglass Literary Magazine is a member of the community of literary magazines and independent publishers – CLMP (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses). The publication’s editor-in-chief is Voki Erceg.

For further details e-mail: 

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