🔒I did a really long and deep dive into the German Green Party's history of pedophile rights activism. 🌻Can't stand promoting myself on here, but I really appreciate the support if you can afford to sign up to read my patron-only work… Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

“Nothing But Advertising”: Vukša Veličković on Cultural Production, Propaganda and PR… via @balkanist Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

"Belgrade radiates with that sort of tense, anxious energy of a city suffering from some kind of permanent identity crisis." Read our full interview with Serbian writer and ad man Vukša Veličković…

Horrible working conditions in the Chinese tire manufacturer LingLong in Serbia. Most of the workers hired to build up the factory are Vietnamese - their passports were taken by the firm, and their salaries aren't being paid out. Legalized human trafficking. Retweeted by Balkanist Magazine

Our co-founder and editor-in-chief @lilyslynch has a Patreon with exclusive interviews, commentary and essays for paying subscribers ⭐️…

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