The latest commentary from the Balkans and everything to its East.

Op-Ed: Protests, Post-Communism and Compromise in Albania

Edi Rama’s European Albania is a public relations fantasy. It is a nation-state which exists only in the mind of two dozen politicians and publicists—whose only concern is paying lip-service to the European Union’s accession requirements. The opposition Democratic Party are protesting in Tirana because we want Albania to be…


On the EU’s Birthday, Coloniality and the Politics of European Erasure

Every single empire, in its official discourse, has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort.                                                                         Edward Said 2003: xvi   The…


Op-Ed: Liberalism, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union

Can liberalism rescue Bosnia and Herzegovina from nationalism-driven politics? Senad Osmanovic says yes. The discussion surrounding the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina has for years been at a stalemate, where old ideas and phrases get refashioned in Brussels, and returned to the country in new ​packaging. These packages promise economic development, prosperity, reforms,…


A New Wave in Balkan Politics?

A few young political thinkers from the Balkans have been getting a lot of international attention lately. Sergej Dojcinovic speaks with Serbian-Canadian film director Boris Malagurski and Croatian MP Ivan Pernar in search of political alternatives. Time – that inescapable force that puts everyone and everything into the dustbin of history. If…


Far-Right Extremists Are Working Harder Than You Are

From the archives: “The Serbian ultranationalist and neo-fascist far right have somehow managed to put the internet to better use than the majority of Western-backed NGOs. Why is that?” When they aren’t torching garbage bins or throwing petrol bombs at their their fellow Serbs, members of the far right extremist…


Belgrade Bacchanalia: Sex, Drugs and Despair in the World’s Best New Berlin

If all the hype is to be believed, Belgrade is the new Berlin. But is it?Belgrade’s alleged “hipness” has been a subject of fascination for the international media for about 12 years now, creating an often cringeworthy genre. Articles with headlines like “Bloc Party: Post-War Belgrade is Radically Reinventing Itself” (The New…