The latest commentary from the Balkans and everything to its East.

Op-Ed: A Blind Eye to Antigypsyism at the European Parliament

Roma International Day, an annual celebration of Roma culture that took place earlier this month, was partly marred when news organizations neglected to report on the discriminatory language used against Roma at a coinciding debate at the European Parliament. Maria Bizzotto and Angelo Ciocca, both members of Italian political party Lega…


No, the EU Hasn’t Necessarily “Dodged a Bullet” in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s recent parliamentary election was widely declared a victory for EU interests by the western media, but a closer look at the complicated web of Kremlin influence and “pro-Russia” and “pro-EU” loyalties in Bulgaria reveals a far more complex picture, argues Michael Colborne.   Bulgaria got caught in the western media…


To be Gay is to be a Person: Why Real Orthodoxy Liberates – a Romanian Case Study

Like many other Eastern European countries, Romania draws on its Orthodoxy to communicate its ideas about gender and sexuality, and these are typically conservative in nature. Yet Eastern Orthodoxy has also invited alternative philosophical approaches to being a human person – approaches which liberate rather than become entangled with nationalist…


Op-Ed: The Perfect Storm

The trafficking of men and women—whether for forced labour, or sexual exploitation—continues to haunt Albania. Why have successive governments failed to solve the problem?    In 2001, Daniel Renton—writing for Save the Children[1]—mapped the trend of human trafficking in Albania. Other charities across Europe had noted the cases of Albanian…


Roma Youth: A Glimmer of Hope

Suad Skenderi on a future for young Roma in Europe.   Roma have lived in Europe since the 12th century,  arriving in several waves of migration[1]. They played a crucial role in the nation-building processes in almost every European state. Their contributions have been documented in every area of society, including cultural…


Op-Ed: Europe Should Brace Itself, There’s a New Autocracy on the Rise in Serbia

Sunday’s presidential election in Serbia will determine whether the country continues its slide into an open return to authoritarian dictatorship. Europe should take note, argues Marieke Walraven.   Serbia is holding elections on April 2, 2017. The current prime minister and most powerful politician in Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is leading in…