Suad Skenderi

Suad Skenderi graduated Political Science, International Relations and Journalism at FON University, Macedonia and acquired his Master of Arts degree in Political Science at the Central European University – Budapest. He has worked in the sector for Human Rights and Inter-ethnic relations at Mesecina – Gostivar. Currently he is a researcher and analyst at the Institute of Research and Policy Analyses –Romalitico. He is interested in data visualizations, infographics, advocacy, minority politics, political representation, political participation and good governance. In addition, he has contributed for the Balkanist, Bright Green, European Student Think Tank, Nationalia, Iul Pianus and others.

Op-Ed: A Blind Eye to Antigypsyism at the European Parliament

Roma International Day, an annual celebration of Roma culture that took place earlier this month, was partly marred when news organizations neglected to report on the discriminatory language used against Roma at a coinciding debate at the European Parliament. Maria Bizzotto and Angelo Ciocca, both members of Italian political party Lega…


Roma Youth: A Glimmer of Hope

Suad Skenderi on a future for young Roma in Europe.   Roma have lived in Europe since the 12th century,  arriving in several waves of migration[1]. They played a crucial role in the nation-building processes in almost every European state. Their contributions have been documented in every area of society, including cultural…


The Roma: A Different Story

 “Ignorance has hindered any possibility for the achievement of equality and has rendered the struggle of Roma invisible,” Suad Skenderi says. Now it’s time for a new way of looking at things.Roma, a widely dispersed group of people living in most of the countries of Europe. Infamous for the majority, forgotten by…


Who’s to Blame in Macedonia?

Suad Skenderi of Romalitico says that Macedonia “bloomed with the existence of multiculturalism, solidarity, tolerance, dignity and respect”. Determining the country’s future in the face of wiretapping scandals and attacks by small groups of alleged extremists, he argues, isn’t just the responsibility of Macedonians or Albanians, but of Roma, Turks…