Refik Hodzic

Refik Hodzic is director of communications at the International Center for Transitional Justice. For almost two decades, Hodzic has worked in transitional justice as a journalist, filmmaker as well as an expert in public information and outreach campaigns for international and national courts seeking justice for war crimes. His work is focused on the relationship of post-conflict justice efforts and media, and he has worked primarily in the former Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Colombia, Tunisia and Timor-Leste. Before his current role at ICTJ he consulted for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), where he developed recommendations for the STL’s outreach strategy and helped implement several high-impact projects. While working with the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia from 2000–2004 and 2006–2010, he served as the tribunal’s spokesman and outreach coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was part of the team that established the War Crimes Division of the Court of BiH and was the first head of its the public information and outreach section, where he developed a comprehensive public information and outreach strategy for the court and the state prosecutor’s office. In 2004, Hodzic co-founded XY Films, an independent film and television production company producing documentary films dealing with the legacy of war crimes committed during the 1990s. he has published widely on issues of transitional justice and media, and some of his work includes “Living the Legacy of Mass Atrocities: Victims’ Perceptions of War Crimes Trials,” Journal of International Criminal Justice (2010), Statement 710399, documentary, XY productions (2006), and Justice Unseen, documentary, XY productions (2004).