Fedja Pavlovic

Fedja Pavlovic is a philosophy student at KU Leuven and the campaign manager of FreedomCalling.Me, the official crowdfunding bid of Montenegro's 2015 pro-democracy protests. Follow him on twitter at @FedjaPavlovic

Meet My Dictator

Meet Milo Djukanovic, the man who has ruled Montenegro for 26 years — the longest-reigning non-royal leader in Europe — whose regime continues to benefit from the European Union’s indifference.  Montenegro is a mafia state. This really would be the most accurate way to describe my homeland’s predicament in a single sentence,…


Welcome to Liberland, Europe’s Newest (micro) state

On May 3rd, Liberland’s leadership was allowed to open an “honorary consulate” in Serbia, currently the seat of its government-in-exile. Welcome to the youngest quasi-state in Europe. Taxes are nil. Trade virtually unhindered. No official currency. Regulations kept to the very minimum. The powers of the state limited to bare…


The Year in Plagiarism or: Why We Need to Talk About Academic Corruption

  In societies where public opinion plays little part in political turns of events, the most one scandal can do is to afford the plebs a short-lived vent for outrage. It’s a bread-and-circuses pact, where the public is fed a regular dose of “civic concern” in exchange for keeping business…


The Unbearable Lightness of Public Choice

The Croatian government has managed to strip a public referendum on gay marriage of much of its political relevance, but is this setting a dangerous precedent? While the leading EU states are facing some new challenges and old dilemmas (dealing with Russia abroad and Eurosceptic resurgences at home, to name…


Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Makes Me Sick

As one friend recently told me, I often tend to succumb to the all-too-familiar temptation of employing elaborate narratives to conceal spite. For whatever merits the phenomenon of a contemporary hater might hold, one should be open about it. I’ve heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge. I’ve seen my social media news feeds swamped…